Sunday, April 25, 2010

Technilogically challenged, much?

Hello everybody (my non-existent readers, that is), I'm back! More on that later............

Anyways, despite being adapt at using the internet, especially for research, I feel very technilogically-impaired. Why?:

1. I still don't know HTML.

2. I can't keep up with a blog.

3. I can BARELY edit music, and don't even have a program for editing/copying movies. Sad, I know; I should be able to do that about now.

4. Though I own a Blackberry, I feel like I don't fully utilize it. PLUS, I'm eligible for a phone upgrade now (I'm on Verizon) and I have NO idea what to pick!

5. Lost my Ipod shuffle, which was my 1st and didn't even own until LAST YEAR. I want an Ipod, badly. I want to be able to organize my stuff. I want to be able to afford said Ipod and accessories.

6. I now work in telemarketing selling a certain radio subscription product. After working there for three months, I get a FREE subscription. All I need to do is buy the radio. I'm already itching to own that music, as it will make drives with BG easier.

7. Love my laptop, though not a much as my old one. I have what I need, but I need help with upgrades to make it "fully functional" for myself. More expensive there.

8. Desparately need an external hard drive. This hit home this week when I lost most of the semester's worth of my HIV research. I'm still reeling.

So, there's my latest feelings of inadequacy because I do not own certain material goods. There's other things I need/want my money for (and we'll discuss THAT later too.) Still.... I'm getting to the point where I'm almost graduated, I've started working again, and have become MUCH closer to self-sufficiency. Yet I still crave these "unnecessary things."