Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Personal Motto

Following in the revered footsteps of royal and noble predecessors, I have created my own personal motto; well, rather, I decided I'd use a particular phrase of mine, translate it into a few languages, et voila!

Gaeilge: Beidh mé ag aon mháistir ná mistress, ach amháin le haghaidh féin.

Latin: Edo vadum have haud vinco necque nec era, rego super mihi.
English Translation:
I shall have no master no mistress, save for myself.

Ab Fab #2

The Young Victoria:

Ab Fab #1

The Little Theater, Rochester NY:

Monday, December 14, 2009

Quote of the Day- 12/14/2009

“I believe in an America that is officially neither Catholic, Protestant nor Jewish, where no public official either requests or accepts instructions on public policy from the Pope, the National Council of Churches of any other ecclesiastical source; where no religious body seeks to impose its will directly or upon the general population or the public actions of its officials.” -John F. Kennedy

Friday, December 4, 2009

Student Presentations- Joy.

Now listening to MD's lecture on Non-Human Primates and the Illegal Pet Trade.

Slow Lorises are highly endangered. Check.

CITES- Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species Species of Wild Flora and Fauna. Check.

Disease transmission. Check.

Check, Check, Check, Check, Check.........

I care, I really do. I think it is a violation of their rights, even if it is not recognizaed as such. I just have so much to do and sitting here in this class for an hour is a major interruption in my work flow.

Ick, ick, ick.

Environmental Factors on Infectious Disease

I'm sitting in Primate Behavior right now, listening to a lecture on infectious diseases. Fun.

Let's just all drop the pretenses of being in classes, professors, just let us finish our final papers and projects so we can all get the hell out of Dodge.

That's all.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

RIP SS Edmund Fitzgerald, November 10, 1975

Happy 234th Birthday, United States Marine Corps!

I found the Best Christmas Gift EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS, my friends, is what I got my daughter for Christmas!

For those of you who have no idea what this is, it is a 1979 Vintage Dressy Bessy doll.

My cousin handed hers down to me when I was a kid and I'd be awake for HOURS in bed doing the zippers and buttons and everything else. *tear* I happened to think about this the other day when I was wondering what other things we could do/find for baby girl that would help improve her fine motor skills in a fun way, and voila! Dressy Bessy!

Yes, Preskool (stupid spelling, if you ask me) has modern versions of this, but this vintage one came up on ebay for $10! and I couldn't pass it up. It felt like I was giving my daughter a piece of my heart and I can't wait to give it to her next month.

*I can feel the tears forming now. :) *

Friday, October 30, 2009

Féile Shamhna!

Féile Shamhna! Happy Samhain! Happy Halloween! and most importantly........


What, you may ask????? That's right, Halloween is the start of the Celtic calendar's New Year. Samhain (sow-en, meaning "summer's end") marked the end of the harvest season and was the time when it was decided which animals to slaughter for the coming winter. There's my very short explanation. If you want more info, here's the Wikipedia page on Samhain.

I mention Samhain because not only have I always loved Halloween, but I've come to adopt it as my own personal New Year. A wise friend of mine once said, "Don't take any shit into the New Year with you. Get it all done by Samhain so you don't take any junk into the New Year." Needless to say, I took that advice to heart.

Here's what I've accomplished:
-Sold years worth of textbooks and paid the majority of the pesky bills
-Used regular income to pay big bills
-Bugged financial aid and will be getting more money back from school to pay off and ahead on the remaining bills, yay!
-Made appts. for BG and I

What I still have to do (ideally, by tomorrow night):
-Finish background research summary that was due yesterday
-finish theory essay due 2 weeks ago
-revised human rights essay, due tuesday
-week #9 theory essay, due wednesday
-human rights annotated bibliography, overdue
-outline for primate behavior
-re-write notes for Beth
-find lost primate viewing assignments
-theatre review
-work on research papers........

Here we go!!!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Collection #2- Emerald Dreams

Collection #1- So Glamourous

The Parade of Freaks Continues............

Just now, I received an IM from someone I, ahem, spent some time with around my birthday a few months back. I lost interest in this gentleman loooooooooong ago. Luckily, I could truthfully tell him that I have a paper due at 6 am and that I'm not talking to anyone right now.

That doesn't mean he has to know I'm writing on my blog too.....

Do "Boys" Ever Become Men??????????

So, one of my "colleagues", as I shall call him, is an annoying little snot.

We are in two back-to-back classes together in which he always sits behind me. I know and understand said "boy" very well; he's a facsimile of the early version of DJ. Blech. Being in the same department, not only do we see a lot of each other, but we're famous for our verbal exchanges. Some of these are because we share more than a few of the same opinions, others are combinations of debates/personal insults.  Now, this is all good 95% of the time. Lately, however, the other 5% in which he annoys the crap out of me has been occuring. This consists of questioning my intelligence and reasoning in class and among other colleague.

 My *Colleague BFF* (to be referred to as *CBFF*) swears up, down, forwards, and backwards that he likes me. And I quote; "That's what boys do when they like girls, they act like annoying little shits!" Granted, she should know, she's also a mother and is older than me. However, the rest of the department thinks that he likes someone else, which I really hope is the case. Regardless, this is annoying as hell.

Any thoughts?

Brief Update

Hello all,

I'm catching up on homework, which I'm dreadfully behind on. I'm looking forward to posting some GLAMOUROUS things this week, as well as my life in general.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Break, Day 1

I'm laying in bed right now, deliciously snug amongst my flannel sheets, electric blanket, vellux blanket, 80% wool arisaid/blanket and down alternative comforter, while waering my favorite pink, girly pajamas.(All purchased when I actually had funds of course. Living in the northeast, it is perfectly acceptable to have all these bed layers, even in mid-October.) BG is sleeping right now. I can get away with this because it's Day 1 of Fall Break from Uni and even though there is much I need to accomplish, I am instead hunkered down in my bed, blogging from my Blackberry (again, purchased when I had funds, or as I will now call it, PWIHF.) and it is immensely satisfying. BG is still sleeping, good. Maybe later, we'll call DJ (via Skype video chat) in Okinawa later..... I plan to take full advantage of the time difference when we place that call..... I'm so deliciously evil, I love it. It's one of those small pieces of satisfaction you get after somebody betrayed you and rendered you absolutely helpless. Things are much better off without DJ, sure, but it's stupid little stuff like this that makes me feel like I can assert myself; petty and vindictive as it may be. BG is still sleeping. Maybe I'll go enjoy a nice breakfast and such to myself before she wakes up.

My Current Obsession, or The Fashion in My Head

So, like any woman without the means for discretionary shopping, I've taken to fantasizing and surfing the web about the wardrobe and grooming accoutrements I'd want to be building and collecting right now. Naturally, I've spent a lot of time on Polyvore searching for things that have nothing to do with my life right now; stuff like ball gowns and white, kid leather, opera length gloves. Between Polyvore and re-reading my Nina Garcia books and What Would Jackie Do? constantly, I am having serious fashion withdrawal.

Let me explain something about my fashion sense (or lack thereof, as some might say); I can dress to kill for formal occasions, and often end up fixing eveyone else's dilemmas. Casual daywear? Fuggedaboutit. I went to Catholic schools for twelve years, in which I spent 97% of my time in either my school uniform or dance leotards, 2% of my time for formal, dress-up, school and community events, and the other 1% in the few casual pieces I owned on the weekends. My freshman year in college (the theatre years), I realized that after three days, I had nothing to wear. Literally. I constantly had to do laundry so I could be decently dressed, and to this day, I never have enough t-shirts to get me through 1-2 weeks. So most of the time, you'll see me in jeans, a graphic t-shrt, a nice pair of shoes if I'm having a good day, and my pink school hoodie when it's chilly. Besides, running after and potty-training baby girl (BG) makes a more fahionable casual outfit impractical.

A sugar daddy is starting to sound better and better.............sort of, maybe, kinda, not really.

*OMG, this computer has the most finicky keyboard I have ever used. My apologies if letters are mysteriously missing from words.