Sunday, October 25, 2009

Do "Boys" Ever Become Men??????????

So, one of my "colleagues", as I shall call him, is an annoying little snot.

We are in two back-to-back classes together in which he always sits behind me. I know and understand said "boy" very well; he's a facsimile of the early version of DJ. Blech. Being in the same department, not only do we see a lot of each other, but we're famous for our verbal exchanges. Some of these are because we share more than a few of the same opinions, others are combinations of debates/personal insults.  Now, this is all good 95% of the time. Lately, however, the other 5% in which he annoys the crap out of me has been occuring. This consists of questioning my intelligence and reasoning in class and among other colleague.

 My *Colleague BFF* (to be referred to as *CBFF*) swears up, down, forwards, and backwards that he likes me. And I quote; "That's what boys do when they like girls, they act like annoying little shits!" Granted, she should know, she's also a mother and is older than me. However, the rest of the department thinks that he likes someone else, which I really hope is the case. Regardless, this is annoying as hell.

Any thoughts?