Friday, October 30, 2009

Féile Shamhna!

Féile Shamhna! Happy Samhain! Happy Halloween! and most importantly........


What, you may ask????? That's right, Halloween is the start of the Celtic calendar's New Year. Samhain (sow-en, meaning "summer's end") marked the end of the harvest season and was the time when it was decided which animals to slaughter for the coming winter. There's my very short explanation. If you want more info, here's the Wikipedia page on Samhain.

I mention Samhain because not only have I always loved Halloween, but I've come to adopt it as my own personal New Year. A wise friend of mine once said, "Don't take any shit into the New Year with you. Get it all done by Samhain so you don't take any junk into the New Year." Needless to say, I took that advice to heart.

Here's what I've accomplished:
-Sold years worth of textbooks and paid the majority of the pesky bills
-Used regular income to pay big bills
-Bugged financial aid and will be getting more money back from school to pay off and ahead on the remaining bills, yay!
-Made appts. for BG and I

What I still have to do (ideally, by tomorrow night):
-Finish background research summary that was due yesterday
-finish theory essay due 2 weeks ago
-revised human rights essay, due tuesday
-week #9 theory essay, due wednesday
-human rights annotated bibliography, overdue
-outline for primate behavior
-re-write notes for Beth
-find lost primate viewing assignments
-theatre review
-work on research papers........

Here we go!!!!!!