Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Break, Day 1

I'm laying in bed right now, deliciously snug amongst my flannel sheets, electric blanket, vellux blanket, 80% wool arisaid/blanket and down alternative comforter, while waering my favorite pink, girly pajamas.(All purchased when I actually had funds of course. Living in the northeast, it is perfectly acceptable to have all these bed layers, even in mid-October.) BG is sleeping right now. I can get away with this because it's Day 1 of Fall Break from Uni and even though there is much I need to accomplish, I am instead hunkered down in my bed, blogging from my Blackberry (again, purchased when I had funds, or as I will now call it, PWIHF.) and it is immensely satisfying. BG is still sleeping, good. Maybe later, we'll call DJ (via Skype video chat) in Okinawa later..... I plan to take full advantage of the time difference when we place that call..... I'm so deliciously evil, I love it. It's one of those small pieces of satisfaction you get after somebody betrayed you and rendered you absolutely helpless. Things are much better off without DJ, sure, but it's stupid little stuff like this that makes me feel like I can assert myself; petty and vindictive as it may be. BG is still sleeping. Maybe I'll go enjoy a nice breakfast and such to myself before she wakes up.