Monday, October 19, 2009

My Current Obsession, or The Fashion in My Head

So, like any woman without the means for discretionary shopping, I've taken to fantasizing and surfing the web about the wardrobe and grooming accoutrements I'd want to be building and collecting right now. Naturally, I've spent a lot of time on Polyvore searching for things that have nothing to do with my life right now; stuff like ball gowns and white, kid leather, opera length gloves. Between Polyvore and re-reading my Nina Garcia books and What Would Jackie Do? constantly, I am having serious fashion withdrawal.

Let me explain something about my fashion sense (or lack thereof, as some might say); I can dress to kill for formal occasions, and often end up fixing eveyone else's dilemmas. Casual daywear? Fuggedaboutit. I went to Catholic schools for twelve years, in which I spent 97% of my time in either my school uniform or dance leotards, 2% of my time for formal, dress-up, school and community events, and the other 1% in the few casual pieces I owned on the weekends. My freshman year in college (the theatre years), I realized that after three days, I had nothing to wear. Literally. I constantly had to do laundry so I could be decently dressed, and to this day, I never have enough t-shirts to get me through 1-2 weeks. So most of the time, you'll see me in jeans, a graphic t-shrt, a nice pair of shoes if I'm having a good day, and my pink school hoodie when it's chilly. Besides, running after and potty-training baby girl (BG) makes a more fahionable casual outfit impractical.

A sugar daddy is starting to sound better and better.............sort of, maybe, kinda, not really.

*OMG, this computer has the most finicky keyboard I have ever used. My apologies if letters are mysteriously missing from words.